IBIX is one of the companies which participated in the recent entrepreneurial mission in Cuba organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economic Development. The purpose of the initiative was to provide Italian interlocutors with adequate tools to invest in the Caribbean nation. This is an important step that places IBIX among the most important international reference points on Recovery and Preservation.


After the recent reopening of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States a movement of cultural and economic renewal was triggered in the country of Castro which Cuban operators define as "Actualizacion".

From 2014 the Cuban State identified numerous investment projects for renewal of the country totalling $8.7 billion in value which will be financed by foreign capital. In order to attract investors Cuba set up an important incentives programme for those companies which would like to establish a direct presence on the island. Italy would like to be among the protagonists for this important chapter in Cuban history, so it has organised this mission for the purpose of providing our organisations with the necessary tools to operate in the country.

IBIX was there for this initial phase of approach to the Cuban country along with 150 of the largest Italian companies. This is an important act which reinforces the profound international vocation of IBIX and opens up to very interesting prospects in a country rich with architectural wonders. For the preservation of the Caribbean island's particular and beautiful architectural heritage, the experience and know-how that make IBIX an international preservation and surface cleaning reference point could be fundamental in the future