Cleaning without polluting with the new low environmental impact mobile unit for graffiti removal, maintenance and conservation of urban surfaces.

The ecological vehicle Ecobix is equipped with a front loading area to transport IBIX technologies for urban cleanliness. The loading and unloading operations are easy and quick and can be carried out by a single operator in every urban area.

Ecobix is the result of the practical experience in the urban cleanliness field that inspired IBIX to develop specific solutions for the conservation and restoration of urban areas and historical buildings, creating a system able to provide an answer to all needs emerged in the years in this industry.

The first issue involves particularly the value of the environment and its respect; IBIX uses ecological, low environmental impact equipment to reduce pollution and its consequences.

The second issue is the possibility to operate in urban contexts open to the public and with traffic, without disturbing the surrounding activities and people nearby, considering the necessity to work in restricted areas and historical city centers.

Ecobix is the answer to these needs: a completely ecological device, able to move nimbly in every urban context and containing the best solutions for urban cleanliness.


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