Case History

The former Corso Cinema in Turin, built in 1926 by engineer Vittorio Bonadé Bottino, known for later designing the Fiat Mirafiori plant, is one of the finest examples of Art Deco in the Piedmont capital.

Its function as a luxurious metropolitan cinema finally ceased in 1980 when a fire caused by the overheating of a machine destroyed the hall. The micro-aero-abrasion technique based on IBIX technology was used to remove the pictorial coating. With the controlled low pressure blasting of ecologically inert material onto the surface, unwanted layers and pollutants were removed, ensuring maximum respect of the patina and the original materials. 

The primary focus of the preservation work was to protect the underlying paint and coatings and to restore the wonderful original colours of the building. This was made possible through careful preparation. A restoration project that was implemented thanks to the versatility of IBIX tools. 


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