Country: Italy | City: ROME


Type of intervention: Preservation and renovation of antiquities. 

Cleaning of smog and removal of cement renderings on tuffaceous supports. Stone cleaning 

Trajan’s Market is an extensive complex of Roman era buildings on the slopes of Quirinal Hill. It has been the home of the "Museum of the Imperial Forums” since 2007. The complex was built in the early second century, at the same time as the Trajan’s Forum, to occupy and support the cutting of the slopes of Quirinal Hill. The structure has the semi-circular exedra shape of Trajan’s Forum and is divided into six levels. The dates of the brick stamps seem to indicate that most of the building dates back to the reign of Trajan, and may be attributed to his architect Apollodorus of Damascus. 

IBIX technologies were used to carry out the conservative restoration of this ancient archaeological site. The ancient bricks were cleaned of smog deposits and cement renderings from interventions that were done over the years.