Metal working, preparation

Cleaning and preparation of ferrous materials: rusted sheets, pickled sheets to be degreased, hot and cold galvanised sheets.

Descaling and removal of rust or old coatings from valves, pipes, tanks, etc.
Already painted sheets to be sanded and/or brushed by means of blasting, parts and components of machine tools to be sanded or degreased, pieces already painted but with scales or paint defects.

Repair and re-conditioning of areas damaged by handling, maintenance of water curtain spray booths and suction systems, intensification roughness of fibrous materials such as fibreglass or plastic materials (where necessary), etc.
Removal of burrs from sharp edges so as to guarantee perfect covering of powder coating systems.

Decontamination after a fire, cleaning of cables ducts, pipes and any other components that are dirty with soot.


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