Cleaning and recovery of facades

The IBIX® system is recommended for cleaning every type of natural and artificial stone, granite, sandstone, limestone, marble and travertine marble, terracotta and brick.

Cleaning of black smoke (smog), residues of urban pollution, carbonisation, deposits solidified in the base material whilst allowing the retention of the natural protection film (patina).

Cleaning off the rough coating and mortar casting from stone and brick, after grouting. Removal of graffiti and destructive writing from brick, stone, marble facades, shutters and metal and glass structures.

Removal of paint from plaster, removal of algae, moss and lichen from facades before plaster is restored. Preparation of plaster surfaces before applying the glue for the thermal-acoustic insulation and cladding.

The HELIX equipment perfectly combines gentleness and quality of operation plus the high speed, high performance, and low inert material consumption required for efficient blasting.


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