Recovery Unit IBIX R1

The media recovery unit is made up of a special structure that contains a cyclone specifically designed to recover and recycle the media normally used with the IBIX® ecological blasting and media cleaning systems. The cyclone has a special filter drawer that allows residues and any foreign bodies of sizes that could create clogs in the IBIX® to be retained.

The IBIX® recovery unit is completed by a filter box where a 300mm diameter, H=600 mm filter is installed with a semi-automatic, manual “swivel” filter cleaning system.

Suction is ensured by a vacuum pump (turbine) that ensures suction of the media through special hoses, conveying it toward the cyclone where the separation will take place between reusable media and residue waste powder. The latter will be conveyed through the drawer filter and collected in a special waste collection container.

Complete with pneumatic control box and turbine starter. The media recovered in the cyclone will accumulate in the cyclone itself and can be discharged into the IBIX® eco-blaster tank through a pneumatic IBIX® filling plate opening cylinder. IBIX® R1 is a machine designed to guarantee optimum media management. Thanks to the recovery and filtering of the material IBIX® R1 allows costs connected to abrasive consumption to be contained. The system is able to reuse the material for various blasting cycles*, reducing the impact of media cost on the process to a minimum. IBIX® R1 is environmentally friendly. The media used is non toxic and does not contain free silica, plus the recovery of the abrasive limits the cost of disposal with significant advantages in terms of environmental sustainability.

*The number of times the media can be reused varies depending on the application and the working conditions. When the abrasive becomes ineffective it must be changed.


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