A new and very professional way of managing service and repairs.


IBIX® Service Kit is a professional tool and spare part case that enables the IBIX®user to service his machine and do repairs quickly and directly on the worksite.

This means reducing production and worksite stops to a minimum.


A Service Kit for each IBIX® most widely used models: IBIX® 9 H2O/HELIX® 9/ IBIX®25 H2O/ HELIX® 25.The IBIX Service Kit contains:


  • All tools including the special tools that are required to disassemble and reassemble the IBIX® blaster parts
  • All spare parts (except for aluminum extrusions, blast hose, main air valve, wheels and some other structural parts…)
  • Air and water couplings and adaptors
  • The new «heavy duty blasting kit»: a special air/media mixing valve + a Quick Connect type hose connector made of tungsten carbide. A full kit of nozzles including 3 «speed blast» nozzles for IBIX® conventional blasters that enable media projection acceleration
  • A professional degripping spray agent


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